tom-bradySeven days ago the world witnessed the greatest game of football ever played. Brady and his bunch came back from being down 28-3 to win their fifth Super Bowl. (Or do I have to say “big game” cause the NFL is a bunch of greedy assholes (Looking at you Goodell) might get a cease and desist letter in the mail.) Although they have better things to do then read this, and yes I did put parenthesis in a parenthesis, never said I was an English major here.

Leading up to the game nobody thought the Falcons had a chance. Now, I am a die hard Patriots fan, but I mean the Falcons did make it to the Super Bowl after all. For some reason once the birds got that first touch down, I just knew it was going to be one of “those” games. It was the same way I had felt when we got that intentional grounding in the end zone in Super Bowl 46. Going into the half, down 21-3, I was too pissed to even acknowledge that Lady Gaga jumped off the fucking roof of NRG.

I knew it would take a miracle to come back from that, but when Coleman made it 28-3, I thought this game was just about over. I mean I was at the point where I was laughing like Walter White was when he saw all of his money was gone and Gus Fring was coming to kill him – I knew we were FUCKED. But the dark lord, Bill Belichick, wasn’t done yet. The next drive we scored and Ghost missed the extra point. Then we had that horrible “onside kick” attempt and I was just over it. Told myself that I couldn’t go on social media for a week because all I would see were those stupid crying Jordan memes. Which honestly were funny for a month or so now they’re WAY too over used. (But thats a conversation for another blog.)

3rd and 1 halfway through the fourth and you’re throwing the ball? Kyle Shanahan, what the fuck are you thinking? Once I saw Dont’a Hightower line up on the outside on the line, I looked at my girlfriend and said “Dont’a is gonna blitz and get a strip sack here.” I’m not often right on things, but I knew right there that we were gonna win this game. At that point I knew the Falcons didn’t stand a chance. You’re going up against the best quarterback to ever live and he’s pissed off in that matter, their defense was terrified.

I do have to give it up to Julio Jones, that man deserves 99 SPEC catch on Madden. I mean no matter what we did or who we matched him up with he was going to catch ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. That sideline catch? I mean okay Micheal Jackson. But honestly, why aren’t you running the ball? I want to become a reporter in San Fran now just so I could ask Shanahan every week ,”Why didn’t you run the ball in Super Bowl 51?” That next drive we finally had a “crazy super bowl catch” go our way. I see that David Tyree catch in my nightmares for fucks sake. I have watched the Edelman catch more times than I want to admit, but seriously. How did he catch that ball? Let’s see you do that Julio.

Going into overtime winning the coin toss I was trying to pre-order my Super Bowl champions shirt but NFL shop just wasn’t having it. If someone told me that James White would be the Super Bowl hero a week before, I would have laughed in their face. But thats Bill for ya. I mean, remember Jonas Grey? I would bet Tom Brady on a 2 minute drill 11 times out of 10. Tom getting the ball to start overtime as hot as he was, Ryan should’ve made his way to the locker room to get a head start on taking his cleats off.

Being 22 years old and seeing the same amount of Super Bowl wins as my father is unbelievable. This one was definitely the sweetest. Watching Goodell look like a deer in the headlights handing that trophy over was the most satisfying thing ever. They probably heard that booing in Mexico. And the next morning having Goodell hand over the MVP trophy to Brady was like watching a band geek try and talk to the head cheerleader. He was terrified.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will go down as the greatest Coach/QB combo in history. And I cannot wait to tell my kids stories of how I watched the whole thing happen.

Fuck you Goodell.


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