Even though the Patriots won the Super Bowl that doesn’t mean that this offseason will be easy. With many players at the end of their contracts we will soon find out what the team will decide to do moving forward to the 2017.

Dont’a Hightower – In my opinion I feel like Hightower should be one of our two defensive priorities this spring. Hightower is one of our defensive captains (Devin Mccourty is the other) and really knows how rally up the defensive backs and the boys on the line. As someone who has been on the team since he was drafted I can’t see him wanting to go anywhere else and I can see the Patriots giving him the franchise tag and sticking around.

•Malcom Butler – Butler is on the top of my list for players I want to come back. Before the pick in Super Bowl 49 nobody knew who this guy was. And most people don’t even realize that he came in to that game earlier in the second half to replace Kyle Arrington. And if it wasn’t for Butler’s awareness then Kearse could have easily got up and ran that ball in for a touchdown. Not to mention he’s easily become a top 10 corner in the NFL. You still him on OBJ, or Antonio Brown and he has no problem with it, He completely shuts them down. We will resign Butler without a doubt.

•Logan Ryan – The first half of the 2016 season it seemed as if Logan was getting burned on every route he was covering. Come late in the season and the playoffs he really started holding is own. I was at the point where I was even confident watching him play corner.

•Chris Long – Chris Long is someone that I can see us resigning if the price is right. He was definitely good last year and I would love to see him be a part of this defense again. Long played for the Rams since he was drafted and 2008 and I could only assume that he enjoys playing for a team that actually wins games. I could see him taking a minor pay cut to stay where he is happy.
•Martellus Bennett – Good ol’ Marty. I want to keep Marty around just for his interviews alone. This guy is absolutely hysterical, not only that but he is a monster out on the field. The Patriots love their two tight end sets and he is perfect for those. It is apparent that Gronk is not the most reliable tight end so it is nice to have someone how is trust worthy as a target and someone who is good at the block. Based on some of his recent press conference it is easy to infer that he may not be returning. My hopes are for talks to continue and maybe we can keep Marty and the Imagination Station here in New England.

•James Develin – Develin has been an under rated player for the Patriots since he came to the team in 2012. More of a blocking fullback but will run if he needs to. With the news breaking that the Patriots signed FB Glenn Gronkowski that could mean that the team does not have plans to resign James Develin. But as well all know the Patriots organization is a little unpredictable so we will have to see.

•Sebastian Vollmer – Another player that has spent his whole career as a Patriot. Granted he was sidelined with injuries for a few separate seasons he is still a valuable part of our offense line and I am sure that Dante Scarnecchia would love to have him as a part of his offensive line.

•LeGarrette Blount – A report came out a month or go saying that Blount was considering testing out free agency. After receiving his second Super Bowl ring and leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns he may decide to stay. Personally I would love to have Blount stay on the team. Having both Blount and White in the backfield is a great combination to have and our running game can definitely benefit from it.


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