With the off season upon us I want to take some time to take a look at possible free agents for the Patriots to take a look at. Now most of this will depend on who the Patriots decide to re-sign and who to let go, but thats the fun of it.

Looking to the running back position we know LeGarrette Blount’s future is questionable. He stated that he wanted to “test free agency” according to The Fantasy Pros. Granted this was prior to the conferenceĀ round of the playoffs, so he may have a different opinion on the situation now. But looking forward Eddie Lacy is going to be a free agent come March 9th. Lacy is a 234 pound tank who I would love to have on this team. He is the definition of a bruising back who could replace Blount of push comes to shove.

At the tight end position it seems as if Bennett may not be re-signing here, which breaks my heart, and I know many other fans dislike that as well. There is a key tight end who is going to be a free agent in March, that man’s name is Vernon Davis. The 33 year old is going to become available and if the Patriots chose to let Bennett go they should definitely pursue Davis. Like I mentioned in a previous blog the Patriots LOVE those two tight end sets and having two good tight ends would be great for us (Also go read that blog, not sure which one it was but read it anyway).

As for the line backer position with the Patriots adding Shea McClellin and Kyle Van Noy and more than likely resigning Hightower we should be all set at that position. But if for some reason one of those players don’t work out you can expect the Pats to sign line backer Zach Brown. Brown played his best year for the Bills last year and you bet your ass, under Matt Patricia, you would see the best of his. abilities for the Patriots



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